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  1. Michal Artal

    Hi Ian, Just attended your Saturday (May 9) zoom call. I enrolled in April and understand that my course will begin June 27. I have a couple of questions I didn’t want to take time for during the zoom call:
    1) How do I enter the course website? So far I have been only able to do so by going back to a previous email I received from either you or Danielle, (which is quite tedious). If I go to website I can only access your introductory invitation to the public but not to any of the relevant links to the actual course.
    2) From today’s zoom call I learned that there have been previous communications on the Pre Course, on Mark Making, including recommended exercises. I missed those and don’t know how to access them.
    3) Not sure if members of the 6/27 course were already assigned to groups. I have no idea which is my group.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Valerie Melman

    I would like to find out about your online drawing courses on Zoom (or other platforms)

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