Mastering Composition

Techniques and Principles to Dramatically Improve Your Paintings.

With Ian Roberts

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As you watch the video and do the exercises, I hope what you want to say and what you want to become as an artist becomes clearer. And easier to express. A good solid foundation of strong composition will serve you well, no matter what your aspirations are.

Since creating this video workshop I wrote a book also called Mastering Composition, published by North Light Books, which has sold over 45,000 copies. So there seems to be a desire among artists to understand composition better.

I started a Youtube channel — Ian Roberts Mastering Composition. Every Tuesday I post a new, free, short, 4-8 minute, video on composition. You can sign up to receive that video by going to

I am currently teaching online courses on composition and drawing. The foundation of painting is drawing. You can therefore explore and master fundamental skills without the constant overwhelm of juggling everything at once as we must with a painting.

I wish you courage and insight and fun on your creative path.

With best wishes,
Ian Roberts.


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