Here’s what students had to say
about the Mastering Composition Drawing Course

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever taken.”

 Jeanne Williams

“Don’t miss this fabulous opportunity to learn from this excellent teacher!”

Ria Bruns

“I learned more from these courses than any I have taken since I retired 13 years ago (and that includes 8 college level courses, 5 years of small group lessons in pastel, oil, portrait painting; and numerous online courses and in-person workshops). These courses made painting fun for me again! I feel I’m out of the rut I was in. This was the best, most instructive set of classes I have ever taken. It was a fantastic journey!”

Dianne Liepa

“This is the best money you’re ever going to spend on improving your work as an artist whether you are amateur or professional. It is more than just instructional videos. It is a life transforming experience. The best part is that you can watch can actually see the improvement of your work as you go through the course.”

Paul Pryor

“My observations are that I’m loving this so much, all I want to do is draw! Housework and the day job, be damned. :)”

Donna Stevens

“Just so you know, I’m definitely seeing landscapes differently. Heck, even while driving, I’m seeing values and masses along the roadside!”

Alan Morris

“You’ve got me interested and excited about painting again! I’m learning to ‘see’ in a different way”

Diana McLaughlin

“This course is so much more than I ever could have imagined! So well-thought out and thorough.”

Louise DeMore

“I’m a bit in awe at how well you have crafted these lessons. I am simply blown away by care that has gone into creating this drawing class. I can feel my own skills grow not just week to week, but exercise to exercise. I feel I am not only drawing better than I ever have before, but I feel I am SEEING the world with fresh eyes! Ian has provided a roap map for success, but more than that, I find myself spending relaxing, meditative and satisfying time crafting images that are transforming how I approach my photography as well as my painting. Thanks for a truly fabulous experience! I can’t say strongly enough how much I have valued and enjoyed this class!”

Donna Stevens

I have taken a lot of courses and nothing has served me better and made more sense than yours. I never liked to draw before but now I find I am thinking and doing drawings all the time. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Charlene Jamison

“I wish I would have had this years ago.”

Judy Wegenast

“I’m really seeing a change in my painting. How all the parts are fitting together. I’m really excited about that. This has been so worthwhile.

Vicki Robinson

“This course has transformed my painting process. I get to the end stage of the 16 x 20s I’m doing in five or less days of short sessions instead of fiddling for a month, no kidding.

Molly Siple

“I’ve been consciously doing art of one sort or another for 4 1/2 decades now, and this is the most multi-layered (meaningful on both nuts-and-bolts and deep issues), wide-open and enjoyable art community I’ve been part of. You have quite a creation here…

Tracy Paz

“In all the workshops I have attended and the books I have read on painting,I have never encountered someone who can demo a concept in such a brief and clear way as you.”

Elizabeth Gorley

“Amazing! That’s all I can say. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of art instruction, from dozens of artist on the web but no one has ever really gotten to the core fundamentals of what makes a good painting. It’s like you’re pulling back the curtains and revealing what’s underneath – a hidden world. I’ve been painting for a few years now and sometimes compositions work and sometimes they don’t. I’m starting to understand why. And I’m also beginning, for the first time, to really appreciate what makes good art. I thank you for that.”

Trevor Sooley

“I wanted you to know that this class has helped me more than any other class I have ever taken! I’m definitely going to sign up for painting classes.”

Mary Anne Lewis

“Hi Ian, first I have to tell you that the class is so much fun, I can hardly stand it. And it’s been a revelation (as you said it would be) to see the progression of the work, mine and my classmates. Much of this I thought I knew in some way from your book and videos, but there is indeed no substitution for the doing the work itself, day after day, for making true progress. I’m seeing with new eyes.

Hollis Shore

“I must say I knew from watching all of your videos and reading your books that this course would be excellent – and yet it still has exceeded my expectations! Thank you!”

Lisa Starnes

“This is the best class I have ever taken and I have taken quite a few with some of the top painters in the world. Thank you for putting this together.”

Liz Seaborn

“This course is so much more than just drawing techniques, and has really helped me to start visualizing the world in a different way.”

Linda Smiley

“You are a natural teacher…. generous, nonjudgmental, encouraging, inspiring, passionate and authentic.

Lynne Parker

“This is definitely the best art course I have ever taken. It’s amazing how I am now “seeing” the world so differently. Thanks again for all your time and energy spent on this course. I know it is changing me as an artist, in a very positive way. You have no idea what an impact this has had on my life.

Sue Rink

“Standing ovation Sir. Well done. I feel the quality of my output has increased dramatically. I now love drawing. Best money I have ever spent on myself. Deep gratitude and appreciation.”

Marti Major

“Thank you, thank you, thank you. The course has been life transforming. It has changed the way I feel about my own abilities and how I now approach drawing en plein air and back in the studio. I am no longer scared of it but challenged in a good way. thank you so much.”

Jo Wood

“You have opened a whole new world for me. I never imagined I could come this far in 12 weeks. I am awestruck.”

Karen Altenpohl

“And I think you might be the best instructor ever. Seriously!”

Diana Mohrsen

Yes, I want to learn the secrets of composition
and dramatically improve my painting!

“This really is an amazing course…once again, exceeding my expectations. THANK YOU!!!”

Marilena Schmidt

“There’s no question of how much my painting and my understanding of the process is improving because of your teachings. You’ve given me a new skillset and a way of seeing things around me. Thank you!”

Alan Morris

“You’ve had an impact on slowing me down and quieting my brain such that my focus on what I’m trying to express has really improved.”

Mary-Ellen Yeomans

“To say this has been a transformative class feels like an understatement….it was more than that…YES, It dramatically changed how I approach my painting and improved my work in ways I could not have expected, but also, it fed my soul, it inspired my spirit, and it informed my practice. THANK YOU for such an amazing experience!!! I loved every second of it!”

Donna Stevens

“I have so enjoyed your courses. They have reignited my love of drawing.”

Patrice Burkhardt

“It’s all been just a really, really, really helpful process for me, so thank you so much!

Ramona Bagley

“100% life changing art enrichment course like no other.

Fran Ortiz

“Hands down THE BEST art class I’ve EVER taken.

Rebecca Precup

“Ian Roberts’s course is the best investment in your art education and a game changer for your artistic journey. These skills will serve you for life. If you are a serious artist and want to acquire solid tools, dive in. You will not regret it.

Christine Huszagh

“If you truly want to incorporate an art practice into your life and improve your skills, Ian Roberts is the best painting instructor on planet earth.”

Joan Keyes

Best online courses ever!! I have taken a LOT of online courses because I live in an area without good painting instruction, and this course was by far the best. I can honestly say that taking this course has not only improved my painting, it has improved my life.”

Arlo Raven

“I have absolutely loved the course. It’s been a game changer on both an artistic and personal level.”

Nicole Alston

“There are many teachers out there who can teach the basics (although your ability to connect the dots is something unique in my experience) but few expose much of themselves and their emotion around their calling. You really suck everyone in with your passion and reverence for art–and by that I mean not only visual art, but music, poetry and other art forms. Your analogies to the creative process across genres has been so eye opening for me. Thank you for sharing what is really in your heart about painting and the pursuit of artistic expression.”

Jenny Blackburn

“Going through this course has moved me further along in my art career than I could possibly have imagined. This is the best art instruction course I’ve ever been through. Bravo Ian!”

Michael Teel

“Will positively change your painting life forever!”

Cornemieke Wassink

“I’ve been practicing art for at least 15 years, and have taken other workshops and courses, but this one class has changed me and my art in such a core way. If making good art is important to you, and you aren’t where you want to be as an artist, take this course. You will not regret it.”

Ann Green

“This course is in it’s own space, it is not comparable to any course I have seen. It teaches you to think like an artist, see like an artist, to feel like an artist, to be an artist. The rewards are outstanding.

Gary Yeomans

“Everything is catching my eye these days…..I’m seeing so much more!”

Laurie Latner

“My work has taken a massive leap forward and now looks so much more eye catching and inspiring. It is worth every penny.”

Sarah Southwell

“I look at the world differently now which is exciting. How many courses can make you do that? Amazing experience that has made me more present in many aspects of life.”

Ella Garland

“This has been amazing. I’m a beginner, but I don’t “feel” that way anymore.”

Laura Pallas

“Thank you very much for this class. It literally has changed the way I see myself, and for the first time in over 10 years of pursuing art, I feel like an artist.”

Andrea Baron

“It’s a life-changing course.”

Kathi Scarpace

“Somehow I came out with a confidence in my work that I have struggled with my entire life – well since the eighth grade when I realized how much I liked making art. I don’t have the words for how or why this happened only that it is a result of taking this course.”

Jeanne Benson

“I have taken a lot of classes & workshops, read a lot of books and watched a lot of videos. None of them came close to the long-lasting impact that this course delivered. It truly changed and improved me as a painter.”

Laura Culver

“I have always struggled with patience when I did drawings that were specifically for paintings. Just wanted to get the shape down and move on to the paint asap. This class taught me to slow down and see. And surprise! I actually enjoy the drawing process now and look forward to it as much as the painting!”

Gail Hight

“My#1 goal for this class was to improve my composition skills and it exceeded my expectations. I am enjoying my paintings more now and have far fewer issues with getting halfway done and discovering that it will never come to fruition.”

Wendy Peterson

Yes, I want to learn the secrets of composition
and dramatically improve my painting!